Nilambe Meditation Centre

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The teacher at this centre, until his death in March 2000, was Godwin Samararatne - a layman with extensive experience of teaching both in Sri Lanka and abroad. Godwin's style was firmly within the Buddhist tradition but with an emphasis on metta (loving-kindness) and mindfulness in daily life. The emphasis at the centre under resident teacher Upul Gamage continues to stress these aspects. The centre is in beautiful surroundings above a tea plantation outside of Kandy.

Meditators used to be able to stay from one night to several years but this has now changed to a schedule of short retreats (mainly of 5 days' duration) on specific dates. The Nilambe website gives details of these dates and how to apply for a place. It is now necessary to book ahead.

The centre charges a small amount per day to foreigners to cover accommodation and food. Sri Lankans may offer donations instead. Teaching is available in English and Sinhala from the resident teachers. There is a good library of books and tapes in English and Sinhala.

You wake up, early, every morning, to the sound of a gong and you are then taken through a guided meditation. You’re also required to do a few chores that they refer to as working meditation. What’s is unique about this experience is just how immersive it is into the practice of the Dhamma.

The meditation centre was established with the aim of disseminating Lord Buddha noble teaching to people of all race and religions. They have over 50 years of experience in meditation and specialize in Vipassana meditation – a technique which allows a person to see the reality of life as it is.

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